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News and Events

July, 2007:

I have returned from Malaysia, another great trip with Optiquatics for Photo Week 2007. We had a small group this year, but the trip was a blast, and a lot of good images were captured. Marty Snyderman and Clay Wiseman were great again, giving out excellent information and tips to the photographers who came. Marty especially was a trooper, fighting through soome major back pain to give excellent seminars on composition and exposure. Sipadan Water Village was, as usual, excellent, with some of the best divemasters, food and dive boats around. I highly recommend Photo Week 2008 if you can make it! I'll be there again - it's in November this time around Contact me or Optiquatics. I have a travel log up with some pictures

Also, I have confirmed that I will be leading the Optiquatics Channel Island trip in September this year. I will have equipment to try out, including point and shoot cameras, digital SLRs, and DUI drysuits. For film shooters, there will be E6 processing available (can't let the digital guys be the only ones to see their images the same day they shoot!). For more information, check out Optiquatics, or contact me

I've been using Adobe's Lightroom lately - it hasn't taken the place pf Photoshop, but it does a hell of a lot, and I'm liking it. One thing that it does want, though, is memory. On my little laptop (12" Apple Powerbook), I have maxed out the memory to 1.25GB, but Lr (not sure I like Adobe's new "elemental" icons) seems to want more and more. Guess it's time to upgrade to one of the new MacBook Pro machines, where I can have 4GB. I just wish they made a 12" model - this is the perfect size for travel.

March, 2007:

I recently took 3rd place in UWImages, one of the better (IMHO) underwter photography contests. I was very excited, I have entered this contest several times, and this is the first time I have placed. You can see my image here: http://www.uwimages.org/2007/gallery/wide-open/wide-open2007.htm. Check out the rest of the winners - there are some great images here! I particularly like the ray image that took an honorable mention against mine. It goes to show you - sometimes, one image wins over another because of "intangibles". Or as I like to say, sometimes it depends on what the judges had for breakfast!

I have also put up a website for my band, Sir Finn and the Sharks. We're local to the Sacramento area, but we hope to gain a huge following with lots of groupies. Just kidding, dear.... 8-)

February, 2007:

My schedule is firming up for the year. I'll again be working PhotoWeek 2007 in Malaysia, this time in June. Check out the Optiquatics site for more information about this trip. It was great fun last year, and the pros again include Marty Snyderman and Clay Wiseman. You can learn a lot from these guys - I did! I'll also be on several Optiquatics Channel Island trips this year. For sure September, and most likely April and July as well. Come on board and check us out! More information at the Optiquatics site.


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