Useful and inspiring links you might want to check out.
  1. Backscatter Underwater Photo and Video These guys are the greatest.  This is where I get my photo gear, help, and some inspiration...  check out the pictures on the walls!
  2. Optiquatics Expeditions If you want to get a chance to do some great diving on a trip geared towards photographers, with limited load trips, lots of gear to try out, E-6 processing on-board, along with pros on the boat to help you if you have questions, Optiquatics is the way to go! Tell Joe I sent ya...  (I need the brownie points)
  3. Jason Bradley Jason is one of my favorite photographers. I have been on several dive trips with him, and never fail to learn something new.
  4. Art Hazeltine I love black and white.  Art makes incredible use of it in his underwater world.  This is something I aspire to.
  5. The Nocturnes Night photography - sounds odd, but it's beautiful! I took a workshop with these guys that produced the "Nightwork" images on this website.
  6. Norbert Wu One of the most inspiring photographers for me.  His work under the Antarctic ice is incredible!
  7. The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society If you life in Northern California, or close, this is a great group.  Two major contests per year - Sea 2003 and the California Beach Dive Photo Competition provide great competition, and great prizes!
  8. Sir Finn and the Sharks - my acoustic surf band. Hey! I'm not making a living at photography yet! 8-)
  9. Eileen Rendahl - my sweetie-pie and partner. She's also a terrific writer, and no, the books aren't just for the ladies. I like 'em.

All Images Copyright Andrew Wallace unless otherwise noted